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Last night, the storm that hit our region caused mass damage and tragic loss of life. My heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones, their homes, or their livelihoods. My team and I are are currently surveying the damage and speaking with local, state and federal officials to urgently get our community the resources we need. 

If You Have Had Property Damage:
* Report damages/loss to your local or county Emergency Management Office – they will report them to PEMA so that an assessment can be done to determine if a Federal Disaster will be issued, thus engaging FEMA for assistance. You can report online to Montgomery County Emergency Management here: 

* Take pictures of both the building and its contents, for insurance claims and reporting to PEMA

Urgent Resources:
* Individuals needing a place to stay on Thursday night (September 2) may go to the RedCross Shelter at the Norristown Area High School, located at 1900 Eagle Drive, Norristown, PA 19403.
* Montgomery County has stood up a Hurricane Ida Crisis Cleanup Hotline (844) 965-1386 for residents who have sustained damage and need help with cutting fallen trees, removing affected drywall, flooring, and appliances; tarping roofs, and mold remediation. 
* Residents who would like to get text messages with updates on storm recovery, please Text MontcoIda to 888-777.

Safety Recommendations: 
* Throw away medicine, food, or water that had contact with floodwaters (including canned goods).
* If water is of questionable purity, boil drinking water for 10 minutes.
* Restrict children from playing in flooded areas.
* If the gas has been turned off for any reason, it must be turned back on by a professional
* Keep the power off until an electrician has inspected the system for safety. All electrical equipment should be checked and dried before being returned to service.
* Keep windows and doors open for ventilation.
* Pump out flooded basements gradually (removing about 1/3 of the water volume each day) to avoid structural damage.
* Clean and disinfect everything that got wet.

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