The Weekend School Program

Sunday School: 


The objective of the NIS Sunday School is to provide the basic Islamic education to children. This education includes How to perform Salah, Quranic Duas, Prophet and Sahaba stores and also include Sunnah and Hadith of our Prophet


Student age limits for admission are five years minimum and sixteen years maximum.


$200 per child or $450 max per family – Non Members
$180 per child or $425 max per family – NIS Members

Online Registration link : NIS-Sunday School

Books and Curriculum:

Upon fulfilling the registration process requirements, the students will be given the books needed for the courses (typically within the first 2 weeks of school). Students are responsible to keep and maintain their books in good conditions. Students will be required to purchase new books if they are lost.
The main subjects offered in the NIS Sunday School for all grades are:

 Quran Reading
 Quran Memorization
 Islamic Studies

Parent/Student Guidelines:

Dress Code: School students MUST dress proper Islamic attire. No tight or transparent clothes that display the body profile. It is the responsibility of the parents to ensure the students come to school following Islamic standards and dressed up modestly.
When a student’s appearance is felt to be detrimental, the parents will be contacted for correction. Non-compliance can result in student dismissal.
Student Punctuality: Student punctuality is essential for a successful school experience. Parents are charged with the responsibility to ensure that the children arrive the school on time.

Sunday School Timings: 10 am to 1 pm

Student Attendance: Students are required to present the reason of absence signed by the parent, prior to attending the class. If any class test has been missed, it is the student’s responsibility to reschedule the missed tests.
Homework: Classroom instructions are reinforced through homework, assignments and projects. Parents should monitor their child’s progress on regular basis. Students can call other students or ask the teacher to get missed work assignments. Ultimately, it is the student’s responsibility to make up all missed schoolwork. If the student continues to come to school unprepared; the parents will be contacted for correction.
Leaving the Islamic Center: The students are NOT allowed to leave the NIS Sunday School premise during school hours without the permission of teacher and principal. Violators will be subject to the disciplinary action.

In addition, ONLY parents/guardians are responsible for their children pick up at the end of the school day. Any other arrangement must be made and approved in writing with the Principal.

Behavioral Standards

Student Responsibilities:
 Students are expected to report to class on time, bring supplies, homework, and materials.
 Students are expected to show a polite and respectful attitude towards other students, adults, and school personnel.
 Students must follow the classroom rules.
 Students are expected to be honest.
 Foul language, fighting, or other misconduct will not be tolerated.
 Students must have permission to walk out of the classroom.
 No gum, candy, drinks, or food is allowed in the classrooms.
 Students must not litter or deface NIS property.
 Praying the Zuhr prayer in congregation is compulsory for all students.

Parent Responsibilities:
 Parents are highly encouraged to show support for the NIS Sunday
School by participating in school functions and communicating with
school personnel.
 Parents must show respect for school personnel and duly pay the school fees at the time of registration.
 Parents are responsible for providing a quiet, well-lighted place for the student to do his/her homework and for scheduling homework time in a way that will not interfere with other activities or family plans.
 Parents must review their child’s homework and sign any forms requested by the child’s teacher

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