New Masjid Update

Alhamdulliah, NIS- New Masjid is open for Five Daily Prayers and Imam will lead daily Fajr and Isha Prayers during Ramadan

A Word of Thanks
The NIS Board of Directors would like to take a moment to express how grateful we are for your monetary donations. We are humbled by your acts of volunteerism, kindness, and patience over the past two years. We remain in awe of your steadfastness and continued support especially in these challenging Covid-19 Pandemic times. We thank you!
Donation: Please donate generously to cover the masjid monthly operational cost. Charity is one of the greatest means that person relieves themselves of calamities as in the hadith. “Charity in Secret extinguishes the Anger of Lord”-(SahihAl-Targhib, Al-Albany).

December, 30 2020
Nov-4-2020 Update
Mar-22-2020 Update

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